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Trick Dames Theme Song

note: lotta work left on this one. written in a cafe in the east village of NYC in the middle of the night. dorky, fun...like us!

livin' life fast
inked up
greased out
we know just what yer
all about
hot rods, dames
and rock n roll
yeah, we got you figured out
and I bet you like
was there ever any doubt?
judging? who's judging?
you'll fit right in
with the broads who scream
and shout...
TRICK! Dames! x4

nice ride! (mine's better)
looks only go so far
and I bet its gotta
nice backseat
no thanks - I'll cruise
my own damn car
what's that?
you're amazed
that a chick can play guitar?
well honey,
you should stick around
and see how fucking rad we are
TRICK! Dames x4

G's up, hoes down
that's how the story goes
but sweetie you don't hafta
have tits
to be classified a hoe
no, we like the REAL kids
who like the rock n roll
and we LOVE those mother fuckers
we dance and sing
and go...
TRICK! Dames x4

BFBC! till the casket drops
good kids -
we're looking for a few
yeah, we'll be on porchguy
with the rest of our
whole damn crew
losers, fuck-ups,
freaks & fools
kids with heart
they're true
so baby don't try to fight it coz
there's a mickeys waitin'
for you
TRICK! Dames x2

no need to fight it
welcome to the crew

-jiggity janx
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