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I Heart NY (eye heart ehn why?)

you fuckin think I'm insane
and i fuckin know that's true
but YOU stumble round this lonely town
then fuckin tell me what to do

your overpriced leather jacket
manhattan attitude
rich fucks like you can go get bent
rich fucks that have no clue

so what I'm cold and bitter
like this dollar cup o joe
but you'd be bitter too
if you knew what I know

just keep on walking
consume and destroy
buy your way out
kill the fucking joy

kill the things in life
that seem to pass you by
and kill the need for those of us
who kill ourselves and try

fuck you and fuck your fucking life
wont be led into their trap
and yer gonna need that leather coat
when you fall into the gap

continue in nievety
its sucha fuckin shame
that you value what you do
and I the one insane


note: in between dotted lines is chorus guy
idea from conversation with duchess months earlier
about t.s. elliot and repetitive words

i was angry and it all just came out hellsa fast
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