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hi [09 May 2004|03:11pm]

[ mood | devious ]

anything is possible if you try just a little, ok A LOT!!

i made this: 77 Industries

check it out.


[21 Jun 2002|12:12am]

Hey, kids...

Why don't we nominate ladies we think qualify for Dame-dom?


I nominate Tori Amos.

What do y'all think?

[20 Feb 2002|04:53am]

[ mood | pensive ]

I miss rock n roll so much it fucking hurts.

3 screaming dames | rock!

Mission for Lilypants: [09 Feb 2002|07:45am]

[ mood | drained ]

please help clean this guy up.

just barely caught the A
at the 175th street station
just barely scraping by
like two trains in the dark
the slide show is next...
those who won't be graced by the express
and I watch
like I'll recognize
someone I'm leaving behind
like this city isn't as big
and its people are mine
like I'm searching for one
I'll never find
and then its black
graffitti flying past
avoid eye contact
this world may be small
but the sadest yet
I've learned
the minds are smaller still



here's another one called... [09 Feb 2002|07:30am]

[ mood | drained ]

broken hearts and caffine headaches

arrows pointing
to the ever elusive
but we pay no mind
and all of the time
we feed our addictions
knowing they'll brake us
its bittersweet, ya know?
the way it fades
and loses the glow
and we exist in the moment
like we can never get it back
and we ache
like the junkies ache
and we find
we need it more
and sadly we realize
just what its for
killing us slowly
and breaking apart
till the cigarettes are gone
like pieces of heart

alt.coffee cafe
east village nyc

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55 [07 Feb 2002|04:06am]

[ mood | giggly ]

Like that time that girl broke up with me cuz i wasnt cool enough...TRICK...daaaaaames.

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randomness....duh. [25 Jan 2002|01:16pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

I thought you dames might appritiate this guy i received:

Dearest Vagina Lovers............Well we're on the final stretch........What great work has been accomplished by all of us. We've gotten all the publicity/ press packets out and placed an ad in the Bohemian and have even got one line in the Q section last wkend!!! But there are still alot of details for the day of the event and leafletting (sp?) to do.
Please join us for another meeting at 8pm on Monday the 28th at the La Tierra barn. Bring a flashlight and warm clothes and your smiles and enthusiasm............Call for directions if this is your first time.............Blessings and PEACE..............Suzette

I thhhink the first line was, yeah, worth reading.


trying to fight gravity? [24 Jan 2002|12:52am]

[ mood | gloomy ]

ha! finally just joined this bitch. i'm fuggin in this band and fergot the gawddamnguy exited..wheeee. Anywho, tonite im feelin all pensiveeee...i think i'll post a possible songie lytic guy to dick around with. I have never written specific songlyrics...but heh...add a chorus to some of these crazypantlily words..and..kerrrplooey. We shall see, my fellow dames.
spill some for this lonely dame in h-town.


I Heart NY (eye heart ehn why?) [20 Jan 2002|05:00am]

[ mood | creative ]

you fuckin think I'm insane
and i fuckin know that's true
but YOU stumble round this lonely town
then fuckin tell me what to do

your overpriced leather jacket
manhattan attitude
rich fucks like you can go get bent
rich fucks that have no clue

so what I'm cold and bitter
like this dollar cup o joe
but you'd be bitter too
if you knew what I know

just keep on walking
consume and destroy
buy your way out
kill the fucking joy

kill the things in life
that seem to pass you by
and kill the need for those of us
who kill ourselves and try

fuck you and fuck your fucking life
wont be led into their trap
and yer gonna need that leather coat
when you fall into the gap

continue in nievety
its sucha fuckin shame
that you value what you do
and I the one insane


note: in between dotted lines is chorus guy
idea from conversation with duchess months earlier
about t.s. elliot and repetitive words

i was angry and it all just came out hellsa fast

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Sit and Watch [19 Jan 2002|03:21am]

[ mood | hungry ]

nothing moves or changes,
all still
I feel like the worlds been put on pause,
stopped as if never to
start again
Then something breaks,
and rumtumbles me back into reality
that life is both
and undieniable
I feel it quake and
flitter flutter
the way it does
then as if shoved into another
another view
i see it's been moving
all along
the whole time, just
and constatly
so as to lul me into believing it had
to thrive at all.

poem type guy i wrote inspired by the water facet in the bathroom at Around the Clock tee hee

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Trick Dames Theme Song [19 Jan 2002|03:03am]

[ mood | embarrassed ]

note: lotta work left on this one. written in a cafe in the east village of NYC in the middle of the night. dorky, fun...like us!

livin' life fast
inked up
greased out
we know just what yer
all about
hot rods, dames
and rock n roll
yeah, we got you figured out
and I bet you like
was there ever any doubt?
judging? who's judging?
you'll fit right in
with the broads who scream
and shout...
TRICK! Dames! x4

nice ride! (mine's better)
looks only go so far
and I bet its gotta
nice backseat
no thanks - I'll cruise
my own damn car
what's that?
you're amazed
that a chick can play guitar?
well honey,
you should stick around
and see how fucking rad we are
TRICK! Dames x4

G's up, hoes down
that's how the story goes
but sweetie you don't hafta
have tits
to be classified a hoe
no, we like the REAL kids
who like the rock n roll
and we LOVE those mother fuckers
we dance and sing
and go...
TRICK! Dames x4

BFBC! till the casket drops
good kids -
we're looking for a few
yeah, we'll be on porchguy
with the rest of our
whole damn crew
losers, fuck-ups,
freaks & fools
kids with heart
they're true
so baby don't try to fight it coz
there's a mickeys waitin'
for you
TRICK! Dames x2

no need to fight it
welcome to the crew

-jiggity janx

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and we're up!! [19 Jan 2002|02:19am]

[ mood | excited ]

Trick Dames Rock!!!


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